Friday, August 17, 2012

Midland XTC-300VP4 1080p XTC HD Wearable Video Camera - will be added to project's  recording resources today, 17-Aug-2012. 

Use of the Midland XTC-300VP4 and the GoProHero II helmet camera will allow for simultaneous recording of both front and rear views of my trips. Now I can record images similar to what I view in my helmet mount rear view mirror.

  • Size, type and rate of travel vehicles behind me
  • Vehicle operator's 
    • Respecting lane markings and other rules of the road/pathway
    • Path of travel (. . . are they trying to do harm to me? . . . are they distracted?)
    • General behavior and attentiveness to controlling their vehicle
The next challenge is preparing the computer and editing software to display a split screen front and rear images in sync with the time of occurrence. That can be a topic for another post. :-) 


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