Friday, August 17, 2012

Midland XTC-300VP4 1080p XTC HD Wearable Video Camera - will be added to project's  recording resources today, 17-Aug-2012. 

Use of the Midland XTC-300VP4 and the GoProHero II helmet camera will allow for simultaneous recording of both front and rear views of my trips. Now I can record images similar to what I view in my helmet mount rear view mirror.

  • Size, type and rate of travel vehicles behind me
  • Vehicle operator's 
    • Respecting lane markings and other rules of the road/pathway
    • Path of travel (. . . are they trying to do harm to me? . . . are they distracted?)
    • General behavior and attentiveness to controlling their vehicle
The next challenge is preparing the computer and editing software to display a split screen front and rear images in sync with the time of occurrence. That can be a topic for another post. :-) 


Thursday, June 21, 2012

The temperature is rapidly reaching 100 F. Today is an edit then place content online day. Stay cool, stay well.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Patrons at Whole Foods in DC are a resource for supportive comments and information related to this project. Networking is a key to the overal success of this project. :-)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Sunday, 2012-06-03 - late afternoon: Returned from a one week piano camp near Albany, NY. Great getting home . . .  while cycling to Whole Foods I quickly discovered the battery in the GoPro Hero 2 helmet camera was too low to record. On the way home from shopping I enjoyed conversation with Justin, a DC MPD officer parked near 17th and R. I told him of my Transportation Users and Facilities Documentary 2012 and some uses for the footage then gave him my contact card. 

I would like to have bicycling officers on camera with their bikes and equipment to comment on the hours on patrol, equipment and cycle designs that help make their tour of duty more tolerable. 

(Contacting agencies, agreements for the shoots, permission and release documents are part of the process for creating this type of footage for public showing. Networking is part of the process and adventure in creating a comprehensive work.) 

Justin Swain,

Monday, May 21, 2012

Why a Transportation Users and Facilities Documentary?
  1. I need exercise, have the technology and the passion for the project  
  2. Capture anecdotal record of transportation users and facilities within geo-political areas
  3. The results can assist others in setting priories for transportation safety, skills training, facilities and product design
  4. Help reduce transportation's carbon foot print and improve quality of life
  5. Safer more affordable transportation systems design
  6. Meet persons with inquiring analytical minds 
  7. Add to online resources related pedestrian, motorist, self-propelled vehicles and other transportation modes  

Sunday, May 20, 2012

2012.05.20 Sunday. Blog Name changed from to

This past week, as I was recording traffic, a gentleman near 15th and P Street, NW observed in essence that streets are not highways. That sparked awareness that I should rename both this blog and the project to describe the intended scope of content

The Power of One Person: Yes, one person spoke to share their observation and that prompted a needed change to a project on Transportation Users and Facilities Project - 2012. Thank you unidentified pedestrian! :-)

Monday, April 30, 2012

Many changes have occurred between 1972 and 1974 when Carry Shaw, WABA's founder and Justin R. Swain, a founding member of Washington Area Bicyclist Association used Super-8 mm motion picture cameras and audio recorders to document transportation users and facilities in the Metro Washington Area. My observation is that Cary Shaw's self motivation, creation of a business plan for a bicycle and comprehensive transportation research, planning and advocacy group attracted talent to increase knowledgeable public participation in urban planning and transportation.

Mr. Swain's films and still pictures provided original data on bicycle, motorist and pedestrian highway use and users behavior. Shaw and Swain combined audio-visual and written works, presentation and delivery skills before local and national government and user organizations was a valued contribution to an overall body of fresh data and advocacy contributed by The League of American Wheelmen (now, The League of American Bicyclist,) American Youth Hostels, Transportation Alternatives, Philadelphia Bicycle Coalition of Greater PhiladelphiaPotomac Pedalers Touring ClubInstitute of Transportation Studies, University of CaliforniaDavis, and others not listed at this writing.

In 2012, Mr. Swain, now an independent videographer-producer-editor-director, using a GoPro Hero 2 helmet mounted high definition camera is creating documentary footage on current transportation and pedestrian patterns. Works from the documentary are to be placed on online many will be listed in this blog. 

There may be similar or like documentaries made by or being made by others. Please email with information of other's work on this topic. 

Justin R. Swain,
Member of and